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08 May 7 Advantages of Knitting with Acrylic Yarn
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It’s an age-old debate among crocheter’s and knitters: which is better—acrylic or wool yarn? You either love it or hate it. Read on to discover the good and the bad aspects of using acrylic vs wool fiber. At the end of it all, which side will you be on?Acrylic yarn is a man-made fiber, formed of polymers created from petroleum products i.e. crude o..
06 Jun 10 reasons why knitting is good for you!
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We all know that hobbies are a great way to relax and escape from the day to day stresses of life. In case you ever wondered just how good enjoying your favourite hobby could be, we’ve put together a list of ways that knitting can make you healthier and happier! From providing a craft-focused mindfulness to gentle muscle toning, we can guarantee t..
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